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OPED/DANCE WORLD-Tango Mundo Program
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Amherst, MA 01004-0209
OPED is a Massachusetts non-profit educational corporation since 1972. One of our endeavors is to build bridges among individuals and groups of different cultures using music, dance and food. Over the last two decades we have worked with several approaches; and, during the last 5 years through our Dance Division, we have created a Tango Mundo Program.

The Tango Mundo Program offers lectures, workshops, concerts and other events. Since Tango is over a century old cultural expression that has been adopted in different countries, both the music and the dance have developed masters in different nations.

During several years OPED have brought to the Boston and the Pioneer Valley areas, Tango Masters from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, USA, Canada and Germany.

OPED have produced lectures, musical and dance presentations, classes, courses and community T.V. shows depicting footage representing various styles, periods and genres of music and dance.